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If You've Got Just 60 Minutes, I’ll Show You Exactly How To Speak American English With Clarity, Confidence and Authority!

Increase Your Confidence - Be More Successful - Improve Your Relationships -  Be Better Understood

  • Personalized Training

    I will design the training just for you, to address your individual accent in a relaxed, interactive, and productive session format designed to achieve success quickly and with little effort on your part.

  • Immediate Feedback

    Immediate one-on-one feedback to make sure that you are pronouncing each individual session’s target speech sounds efficiently from the very beginning, and can continue to correctly practice the newly established sounds on your own.

  • Perfect Pronunciation

    Focus on improving not just your repertoire of speech sounds, but also improving the intonation, stress, rate, and rhythm of your speech to make it sound more like the “melody” of a native English speaker.

Life-Changing Training From Speech Language Pathologist And English Pronunciation Expert Jessica Steiner

  • Be Much More Competitive When Applying For A Job

    With professional training you’ll see a dramatic increase in your chances of being hired for your ideal job.

  • Stop Having To Repeat Yourself During Conversations

    With my world-class training you’ll see clarity in your speech by as much as 80%, thereby eliminating the need to constantly repeat yourself to be understood.

  • Significantly Enhance Opportunities For Career Mobility

    With my accent reduction training you’ll see an increase in opportunities for promotions and a higher salary.

  • Stop Having To Answer Irritating Personal Questions

    After my training you’ll be free from bothersome and aggravating questions like, “Where are you from?”

  • Greatly Improve Pronunciation In American English

    You will be able to speak with confidence and authority making all of your personal and business interactions easier and more productive.

  • Stop Being Viewed As Less Intelligent Or Less Capable

    With my pronunciation training you’ll be able to freely communicate your thoughts and ideas without worrying about being falsely judged by the person you’re speaking too.

"Many of my clients feel like they're not taken seriously because of their accent, or that listeners are more focused on their accent than on what they are saying.   There is no 'right' way to speak or 'right' dialect, but speaking clearer, more confident American English definitely affords my clients certain success."

Jessica Steiner MS SLP PESL-CC,

How My Training Works

(A Simple 2 Step Process For Speaking Perfect English)

  • 1

    12 one-on-one training sessions via Skype.

    We will have 12, 60 minute training sessions via Skype on a date and time of your choosing. We will begin with a quick assessment to determine your major problem areas. Then, over the course of the remaining 11 weeks, we will target these areas using my breakthrough training system.

  • 2

    You practice as little as 5 minutes per day.

    Using the same "LISTEN. PRACTICE. LISTEN" method I teach you in our live, one-on-one sessions, you will spend as little as 5 minutes each day practicing correct pronunciation of words and sentences that are originally modeled by me. You can achieve astonishing results with little effort.

Training Based On 35 Years Of
Revolutionary Speech Therapy

My training system is based on a revolutionary approach used for 35 years by speech-language pathologists to improve the speech of severely unintelligible clients. I modified this system so that it can now be used to rapidly improve the pronunciation and speech clarity of accented individuals like yourself.

Most common accent clarification methods used by today's therapists and "accent coaches" teach you how to pronounce every individual consonant and every individual vowel sound in the English language; that's over 38 different sounds.  And chances are very good that you're already producing many of these sounds correctly. This means that with most "accent reduction" training you're wasting a LOT of time.

Also, these common training programs often utilize less effective (and sometimes downright unproductive) training solutions like:

  • downloadable "e-guides" with no personal support
  • confusing diagrams of your mouth
  • overly-complicated speech recognition software
  • juvenile games and quizzes
  • perplexing explanations of where to put your tongue or lips
  • unproductive journals

My English pronunciation therapy method is distinctly different and uniquely powerful because it "cuts to the chase" and eliminates all of these redundant and questionably effective time-wasters.

How? By using a very simple "Listen & Practice" method that focuses on GROUPS of English speech sounds instead of focusing on each sound individually.

Improving groups of speech sounds instead of individual speech sounds is vitally important for 2 reasons:

  • You don't have to spend hours improving each sound individually – instead, learn the natural groupings of English sounds so that you can spend the same amount of time working on a group of 5-10 sounds that you would have spent working on 1 individual speech sound.
  • You hear quicker, better results in your English conversation because you are learning groups of sounds and how they relate to each other, rather than just 1 speech sound at a time in isolation.

Quickly improving groups of speech sounds is not all that my system will do for you.
It also...

Mirrors Natural English Acquisition

Mirrors the natural acquisition of the English language so that no speech sound or pattern of speech is ignored or left unconsidered. It's simple, yet comprehensive training that, once finished, will have you speaking clear, American English as second nature... just like mastering a new language.

Zhang Jing Zhang Jing, Project Coordinator

"I am so impressed that I could make such progress with my pronunciation. Also, the increase in my self-confidence that has accompanied my improved English pronunciation has been life-changing."

Reveals Secret Relationship Between Sounds

Allows you to stop focusing on what you’re doing “wrong” and how you can fix it, and start learning the secret relationship between sounds that will clarify your speech in record time – because why repair your speech sound errors, when you can improve your entire phonological system.

Alex Cordova Alex Cordova, University Of Chicago

"Jessica helped me clarify my speech so easily that it was somewhat shocking. Now when I speak people understand me the first time! Thank you, Jessica! I owe you so much!"

Provides A Fast Paced Interactive Approach

Replaces boring drills of dozens of words and detailed instructions of how to move your mouth with a fast-paced interactive approach. This approach teaches you how to hear the difference between groups of sounds and produce each of them correctly within minutes of beginning the session.

Patrice Magnon Patrice Magnon, Nu Wave Hair Designers

"I have tried other programs and they just didn't work very well. Your system is different (and SO simple!).  Now all of my new clients understand what I am saying without me having to repeat myself over and over again. Thanks for everything!"

Allows You To Achieve Lifelong Results

Achieve lifelong results because my training teaches you how to decode the English sound system so you can apply your new skills to any situation in any environment for the rest of your life.

Will Allen Will Allen, US Savings Bank

"Jessica helped to modify my regional dialect for better customer interaction and public speaking. I'm very, very satisfied with her training. I would highly recommend her services."

Utilizes The Domino Effect

Improve speech sounds that carry over into other speech sounds first, so that you hear faster results as you improve speech sounds that you haven’t even worked on yet. It's a "domino effect" where addressing one area of your speech will also address five or even 10 speech sounds in that category all at once. In other words, one single technique can improve up to 10 speech sounds at once.

Ajay Kumar Ajay Kumar, Financial Consultant

"Your training was exactly what I needed. Fast, effective and enjoyable. It dramatically clarified my English pronunciation and greatly boosted my confidence."

Who Am I And Why Work With Me?

My name is Jessica Steiner.  I am a certified Speech Therapist with a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology.

My education has provided formal training in linguistics and speech patterns.  I am clinically trained to assess and establish the optimal pronunciation, intonation, and appropriate stress, rate, and rhythm of English speech.

I also lived abroad for many years which created the opportunity to personally experience the many steps of acquiring a new language from establishing fluency to striving to improve pronunciation to learning native idioms and colloquialisms.

When I first moved to Italy to attend John Cabot University, I could barely speak a word of Italian.  I felt frustrated when I couldn't talk to others because I didn't speak their language, so I enrolled myself in Italian lessons and surrounded myself with native speakers.  With hard work and full cultural immersion, I quickly became fluent in Italian.

Even though I could speak the language, my accent made it difficult for others to understand everything that I was saying.

Jessica Steiner, MS SLP PESL-CC

Personally dealing with pronunciation difficulties is one of the main reasons why I decided to get my Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and why I now want to use my knowledge and experience to help you overcome barriers created by your accent.

Jessica Steiner, MS SLP PESL-CC

I would have to repeat myself multiple times, and sometimes change my sentences to use words that were more easily understood by native listeners.

Constantly repeating myself made me feel self-conscious and embarrassed.  The harder it was for listeners to understand my accent, the more simple language they would use when speaking with me.

This made me feel like others thought of me as being inferior, less intelligent, and less competent.

I quickly realized that learning a new language involves so much more than just learning correct grammar and vocabulary in order to become a good communicator with native speakers.

Clear pronunciation was just as important as knowing the language when trying to build strong communication skills in a second language.

Not being understood is a major barrier.  It impacted my life and I know it is impacting yours as well.

Dealing with this first-hand is one of the main reasons why I decided to get my Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and why I now use my knowledge and experience to help others overcome barriers created by their accent.

"You've got to be able to communicate in life and it's enormously important. If you can't communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you're giving up your potential."

- Warren Buffet

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

  • You will...

    know all of your speech sound errors and conversational style mistakes so that you know exactly what you should be working on improving.

  • You will...

    know exactly what (and how) to practice after the session is over to maximize your pronunciation clarity.

  • You will...

    receive immediate feedback and expert guidance (during our session) so you know exactly what mistakes you’re making and how to easily fix them.

  • You will...

    hear a definite noticeable improvement in your English pronunciation when you apply what you learned after just the first 60 minute session. By the end of the 12 weeks you’ll experience an astonishing clarity in your pronunciation you didn’t think possible.

- OR -

You get every cent back. No questions asked. No fine print. All I ask is that you put into action what I teach you during our one-on-one training session. If, after that, you feel like there’s no improvement whatsoever in your pronunciation, I’ll give you a full refund.

So you get this unique, powerful training – for NO risk. Say “YES!” now – and discover how to increase your confidence, be more successful, improve your relationships, and be better understood starting today!

Get Started Today Improving Your English Pronunciation

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can contact me by email or by phone:

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  • Private, one-on-one world-class training (valued at $1,800) designed to save you time and effort by improving groups of your speech sounds instead of each sound individually. (Training provided by Jessica herself – NOT a subordinate).
  • Immediate feedback and expert guidance so you know exactly what pronunciation mistakes you’re making and how to easily fix them.
  • Definite, noticeable improvement in your English pronunciation after just the first 60 minute session (or you get your money back).
  • The Articulate Accents Professional Training Manual (valued at $97) (delivered digitially for free), along with free sound clips to use with these training sheets so that you can continue to practice the sound patterns at home that we targeted during your session.
  • A Personalized Pronunciation Plan (valued at $297) that highlights your speech sound errors and parts of your conversational style that are preventing you from being understood clearly. (Basically an easy-to-follow “road map” we will use to correct all of your specific speech sound errors and weaknesses in your conversational style).

Total value for all included is $2,194.  But for a limited time only, you can get 12 weeks of one-one-one professional accent reduction training for only $1,700.  That's savings of $494! But you must act now because my schedule fills quickly.  Click the button below to start your training today!

*If you're seeing this offer it's because my schedule is now open to new clients. However, my schedule fills up very quickly and when it’s full I'm not available for up to 12 weeks. So take advantage of this deal while you still can!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for $75? +

When you work one-on-one with me, you’ll get a complete and thorough examination of your accent, a list of all your speech sound errors and conversational style mistakes, access to personalized feedback and a full set of pronunciation recommendations. During our session I will listen to your pronunciation of a variety of words, sentences, and paragraphs, and then I will develop a Personalized Accent Reduction Plan specific to your pronunciation errors.  The session will be conducted via Skype.  Additional private training sessions are available.

What makes Articulate Accents different from other services? +

Jessica Steiner is not just an "accent coach", she is a bilingual licensed Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in accent modification and reduction. When you work with Articulate Accents it's not like working with some of the larger accent modification companies. With Articulate Accents you won't be "handed off" to an underling with minimal experience. You ONLY work with Jessica. She will take you by the hand and work with you to make sure you reach your accent goals.

I have been speaking English with an accent for a long time. Is it possible to change the way I speak? +

Yes! The training I offer helps new English speakers and those who have been speaking English for decades. When you work with me I will show you the errors you are making in your pronunciation and then I will show you exactly how to correct them. This is the best path to ideal pronunciation no matter how long you've been speaking English.

Will your training help me with the SPEAK Test or TOEFL Exam? +

Absolutely! My accent training will help you be much better prepared for these exams so that you can get admitted to the university or college of your choice.

Do you offer group instruction to corporations and organizations? +

Yes. I offer accent reduction training to groups via WebEx or Skype. I can also travel to your location to provide on-site training. Please Contact Me for more information.

Can I pay for accent reduction training using a money order or check? +

Absolutely. You can send a check or money order made out in US Funds to my office. Make sure to include your name, phone number, address, email, and Skype. If you don't have a Skype account I can conduct the session using WebEx. Just send $75 to the address below and I will email you and let you know what the next step is.

Articulate Accents
P.O. Box 663
Dayton, Ohio 45409-0663

I am very busy. Can I schedule training during weekends, mornings, and evenings? +

Once you place your order for the personalized training, you will be directed to my online scheduler.  I offer evenings, weekends, and morning times. If you can't find a time on the scheduler that suits you, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Will I benefit from your personalized training? What if I decide it's not for me? +

I have worked with many individuals and companies and I have not had anyone tell me they were disappointed. Not one person has requested a refund. However, if you are disappointed or you feel that the training isn't for you, all you have to do is let me know within the first 30 minutes of the session and I will happily refund your money. You will find it difficult to find a guarantee like this anywhere else. I offer this guarantee because I am 100% confident in my ability to help you reach your goals.

Will my employer pay for my training? +

Oftentimes employers are more than willing to pay for my accent training. This is especially true when they learn how inexpensive the training actually is. Your employer understands that an improvement in your ability to communicate will greatly benefit your job performance. Contact your manager and/or your Human Resource Department and have them visit my site. They can contact me directly by phone or email for additional information.

Does it matter how long I've been speaking English? +

It doesn't matter how long you've been speaking English. You can always improve your pronunciation. My pronunciation training helps you:

1. Identify your "problematic" sounds.
2. Learn how to pronounce them correctly.
3. Start using that correct pronunciation in your everyday conversation.

These 3 things are all you need to improve your pronunciation, no matter how long you've been speaking English.

Does my age matter? +

Age absolutely doesn't matter. Clear pronunciation is a skill that can be learned at any age. All it takes is daily practice (as little as 5 minutes per day).

Does this work for a regional dialect (e.g. a "Southern Accent")? +

My training can be used to minimize your regional dialect. Our Live Sessions will use the same "Listen. Practice. Listen" method to teach you to speak using the neutral "accent" of a journalist.

Does it matter that I speak very little English? +

My accent training works best with clients who have at least a basic understanding of English. Since the program focuses on improving your rate of speech, as well as creating a smooth transition between words in a sentence, you will achieve the best results if you are already relatively fluent in English.

Will the training effect my ethnic heritage? +

Improving your English Pronunciation will not effect your ethnic heritage. Improving your pronunciation is like acquiring a new skill. It will give you one more thing to add to your list of skills and assets that you can apply to your personal life and caraeer... not take away from the person that you already are.